Are you fond of difficult mathematical issues and love to solve them? Does statistical modeling fascinates you? If yes, then it is necessary that you think of channeling this love in the profession too. If you are wondering which job can be your best option, then you are in the right place. Go for the job of the actuary. This unique profession will not only offer you the joy of new challenges every day in mathematical calculations as well as using statistical modeling software techniques for risk assessment in insurance and finances but also will help you grow as a professional in the current competitive market of employment in India.  All you need to do is work hard for a few years and clear the extremely rigorous process of accreditation of the Institute of Actuaries of India. Clear the 15 papers and you will be eligible to work with any leading financial organization in the country.

The Scope

The current financial market in India is booming. Along with huge numbers of financial organizations sprouting out everywhere, there are many major banks that are collaborating with the insurance companies to offer the consumers all the financial benefits with more tailored schemes according to their requirements. In such a situation, it is necessary for all these organizations to hire professionals who are qualified to deal with the job of risk management, assessment of the schemes and structuring the premiums. Here, you as an actuary can shine through.

Getting a Degree

Now you can get a degree in actuary from a university from abroad. Your eligibility shall include,

  • 85% marks in Mathematics in Stats in higher secondary
  • 55% in the mathematics and any branch of statistics in graduation or post graduation
  • CA, CWA or MBA degree

You can also enroll for the course with CGC in Delhi, the organization that is offering the world-class degree in Actuary.

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