Overview of the Three Steps towards Submission of Reports

Charan Gupta Consultants Pvt Ltd offers its clients or customers different actuarial services. It offers its clients solutions to queries pertaining to employee benefits. The business also offers evaluation of gratuity liability, leave encashment liability, post-retirement medical benefits liability and pension liability. The company provides to its client balance sheet related items. It helps in creating and submitting different reports.

There are three steps towards submission of reports. These steps are mentioned as follows:-

Step 1:-

Within 24 hrs of confirmation of the complete data and assumptions as soft copy of the Actuarial Certificates will be shared on the email.

Step 2: -

Soft copy discussion with the management and auditors resolve the entire querry.

Step3: -

After confirmation from client side a hard copy of the Actuarial Certificates will be shared on client address.