Actuaries play a pivotal role in the industry of insurance in the whole country. It is not just the business of insurance that is dependent on them but also the money that will go in the pocket of the customers at the end is also determined by the actuaries. Hence, needless to say, they really pay a crucial part in the whole process of insurance, assessment of the risks, writing a business or charging the premiums. So, when there are numerous insurance companies sprouting out everywhere in India, the demand for qualified actuaries is increasing to keep up with that too.

However, the biggest challenging situation currently is that there is a dearth of qualified actuaries in the country. The accreditation process of the Institute of Actuaries of India is pretty difficult for many aspirants. After clearing all the 15 papers of actuarial science, an aspirant will be eligible to get the fellowship. However, owing to the dearth of actuaries, various organizations appoint the ones who have cleared even 10 papers. Due to the high rate of dropouts, 35-40%, only 375 are qualified members among 8700 members in the Institute of Actuaries of India. Simplification of the process is also quite unlikely since the actuaries need to be enriched with all technical knowledge.

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