Charan Gupta Consultants Private Limited is an acclaimed actuarial service provider. Since its inception, it assisted its clients in dealing with issues like employment benefit schemes, managing trust funds, payroll management systems and evaluation of various employee benefit schemes. The company has highly skilled and experienced actuaries in its payroll. If you are a customer and intend to avail various actuarial services of the company then refer to the company business website.


Leave Encashment Services


Charan Gupta Consultants Private Limited helps its clients to deal with various leave encashment liabilities. The various leaves include the earned, sick as well as other leaves. There are compensated leaves like paid leaves which are paid to all eligible employees. The actuarial services provider assists clients to evaluate the liabilities. They help to display these credentials in the client company financials.


The company has high-profile clients and they include government, semi-government, multinational organizations, and private corporations. The hard work of the employees associated with the company has enhanced the reputation of the business. The company is highly popular in nations like Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Pakistan.


Common Actuarial Services


The Charan Gupta Consultants Private Limited is known for offering a wide range of actuarial services including the leave encashment services.


The various services offered by the Charan Gupta Consultants Private Limited are as follows:-

Evaluation of Gratuity Liability Services


Gratuity is a type of payment that is disposed of by the employer to a resigning or retiring employee as an appreciation for the services rendered by that person in the past.


Leave Encashment Services

There are compensated leaves like the paid leaves (sick leaves, vacation leaves, sabbatical leaves) for all the eligible employees associated with a company.


Retirement Benefits

The actuarial service provider is responsible to evaluate the various retirement benefits that are awarded to a resigning or retiring employee. The actuarial service provider assists client companies to evaluate the medical benefits, awarded to a resigning or retiring person. It also helps the client companies to estimate the rate of interest for exempt provident funds. Actuarial service providers like the Charan Gupta Consultants also assist the clients to evaluate employee pensions.